No Need to Fear Math (10 Techniques to Conquer Any Math Anxiety)

Do you think you are not good at math? Did you have a bad experience while taking a math class? Do you think math is hard? Do you have test anxiety?

Worry no more. Nobody was born knowing math and learning math takes time. Follow the 10 steps below and you will conquer any math anxiety.

  1. Before taking a math class, be proactive and search for a good instructor.
    • Ask your fellow students or teachers to recommend you a good math teacher before signing up for a math class. The success in a math class does not entirely depend on you; in great part it depends on the teacher.
    • Also, try not to take math with other hard courses.
  2. Do not miss any math classes.
    • Develop the habit of attending classes regularly. If you miss a math class, you may lose an important piece of information that connects consecutive topics in math, and this could affect your performance throughout the semester.
    • Also, staying in class will decrease the amount of time you will spend later, learning the lesson and doing the homework.
  3. Be proactive in the classroom and ask questions.
    • Take good notes even when you think you understand it all. Write down everything the teacher writes of the board as well as any verbal explanations. Use color pens or pencils.
    • When not clear on a particular topic, ask the teacher to repeat or to explain the concept one more time. Do not be embarrassed by what other students might think of you. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, and by the way, you will be surprised by how many other students will benefit from you asking questions.
  4. Read the new chapter before coming to class.
    • This will build confidence, and it will prepare you to ask better questions during the class time.
  5. Set aside time every night to study math and work on the homework.
    • Learn to manage your time. When taking a math class, spending time reading the chapter and doing the homework has to be a top priority, because it will increase your knowledge and it will give you a sense of achievement and accomplishment, not mentioning that you will be able to keep a good grade.
  6. Make YouTube your best friend.
    • If you are studying a particular topic in math, and you can’t wrap your mind around it, do a quick search on YouTube using the keywords from the topic you are studying. You will be surprised how many excellent teachers have amazing lessons covering the particular topic.
  7. Get a tutor.
    • You may find a great tutor at your school, or you may hire a qualified tutor to work with you one-on-one when needed.
  8. Benefit from Office Hours.
    • Teachers hold office hours, and this is a great opportunity to get additional help. Come prepared and show that you already did some work. The teacher will be happy to assist you with the questions you may have.
  9. Techniques during the exam.
    • Use flashcards to memorize any formulas you may need for the test.
    • Study all the review questions provided by the teacher, as well as the material covered in the textbook.
    • As soon as the test starts, and before working on any test problems, write down the most important rules, if you think you may forget them during the test.
    • Work on the easier problems first, then spend the rest of the time on the more difficult problems.
  10. Plan to reward yourself at the end of the class, or after each exam.
    • Planning for a party, a trip, or rewarding yourself with a gift, will help you stay motivated and will keep your mind on something positive.